Welcome to my blog

The practice of therapy, for me, has involved many years of training and the exploration of multiple therapies with diverse perspectives.  Through this evolution I have come to appreciate that there are many valid and valuable roads to healing.  My journey began with art therapy and the expressive arts therapies such as poetry, movement, drama, and music.  Subsequent years of training with Malcolm and Katherine Brown in somatic psychotherapy made the body/mind connection real for me.  It was the doorway into attachment theory and the importance of relationship to becoming and healing.  Through the somatic work, I became involved in attachment therapy while working for an agency in an attachment program.   This program focused on the attachment between adopted children and their adoptive parents.  Through this experience I became an adoptive parent myself, experiencing the full intensity of living with a child who had experienced severe trauma in the first years of life.  When I embarked on the journey into private practice I then had the freedom to incorporate cutting edge tools to assist adoptive families in healing the deep developmental wounds of their adopted children.  This included intensive training in neurofeedback and then EMDR.  In the last 15 years, neuroscience has helped to direct therapies in more efficient and concise directions, whether it is traditional talk therapy or therapies that utilize newer technologies such as neurofeedback.

I have been passionate about this work and this blog will explore the microcosm of therapy process.  A few of the topics I am interested in writing about are:  The importance of being seen, attachment enhancing parenting,  neurofeedback, building neuro-resources, changing our stories to change our patterns, nature and bonding, stress reduction, transpersonal psychotherapy and mindfulness, however, I am also expanding my practice into additional areas that I am currently exploring.   A bigger picture has been emerging for me over the last 5 years.

The big picture includes my passion for the following:

  • I have a passion for nature.  I strongly believe that the breakdown of our attachment relationships in industrialized nations correlates with our disconnection from the natural world.  I believe that this contributes to mental illness, a lack of empathy for living things/systems, addictive behaviors, and a disregard for the future of our children.
  • I am interested in the traditional wisdom found in indigenous cultures that still live in close relationship to the earth.  I am interested in what indigenous culture can teach us (or help us to remember) about our relationship to the natural world and human ecology.
  • I am interested in exploring ways to bridge the traditional wisdom of indigenous culture with the contemporary psyche as a means of healing the evolutionary divide.

I hope you will join me in exploring not only themes from the microcosm of the therapist’s office, but also larger themes that embrace the natural world to help weave a healthier, more compassionate bridge between our inner and outer worlds.   You may want to check out my work with the Shipibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon by going to Shipibojoi.wordpress.com or Shipibo joi on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shipibo-Joi/124717954263328.